In this section you find examples and tips on how to use Beagle Web to its fullest.

Use the itens below to learn more about Beagle Web.

Case Web

Here, you’ll find a tutorial to start a web project with Beagle.

Advanced topics

Advanced topics for Beagle-Web

Customized Actions

You will find here which actions can be customized on Beagle for Web

Custom Component

You will find the description on how to create a customized component for Angular and React

Cache strategy

You will find here the cache strategies types description on the Web

Standard headers

Here you will find the default headers' description and how to disable them

Loading components and error treatment

See how to change the error and loading components

Remote view parameters

Learn about beagle’s helper to render server driven screens

Beagle Service Parameter

You will find here, what are the Beagle Service parameters.


Here, you’ll find how to make components' stylization on web’s projects.

How to create new actions

In this section, you can see how to create Custom Actions to be used in events but being handled by the frontend application

How to display a screen

In this section, you will find how to display a server-driven screen.