How to release a Beagle's version local or remote

In this section, you will find how to release a version of Beagle locally or using a separate repository.

Publishing in a remote repository

Using CocoaPods

On the podfile file, like any other dependency, put Beagle and add the address of your repository, see the example below:

pod 'Beagle', :git => ''

After you have configured the podfile, run the following command to download from your repository:

pod install

Using Carthage

On the Cartfilefile, add the repository of your Beagle’s version:

github “YourUser/YourRepository”

Publishing in a local repository

Using CocoaPods

Open the terminal and go to Beagle’s root folder and type the following command:

pod spec create MyBeagle

And MyBeagle.podspec will be created. Now open this file with a text editor and follow the example: do |spec| = "MyBeagle"
spec.version = "1.0.0"
spec.summary = "A short description"
spec.description = "Complete description"

spec.platform = :ios, "12.2"

spec.source = { :path => '.' }

Now, run the command below on your terminal with the root folder of your project:

pod install

Using Carthage

On the Cartfile, add the directory of your Beagle’s version like in the example below:

git "file:////Users/beagle" "master"