Simple Custom Action

Creating and executing a custom action

Topics Covered:

  • What is an Action
  • How to create an Action
  • How to register an Action
  • How to use an Action


  • A project with Beagle configured

What is?

On Beagle, an action deals with behaviors (functions), that are performed in your application when an event is triggered. These actions can be a Beagle’s default or customized by you.

How to create an action

To create your custom action, follow the next steps:

Step 1. Create an annotated class with @RegisterAction that implements an Action interface; Step 2. Put the action name by annotation parameter to avoid problems with Proguard; Step 3. After that, the interface will request to implement the execute method; Step 4. Now, declare the action result.

The value attribute is a parameter example that can be declared in this class constructor. The following example shows an action with Toast receiving a text with a parameter:

data class CustomActionAndroid(
    val value: String
) : Action {
    override fun execute(rootView: RootView) {

How to register your action

There are two ways to register your action, check them below:

  1. Using Annotation Processor:

    For this, annotate your action class with @RegisterAction("className") where className is your class name.

  2. Without the Annotation Processor.

How to use your action

See below, an action example in a button type component:

   text = text,
   styleId = styleId,
   onPress = listOf(CustomActionAndroid("I'm a customized action"))

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